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 can't wait to meet you!

Hi! my name is Amber Bolejack and I am the photographer and owner of Amber Bolejack Photography. Residing in North Carolina. I am an on-location & studio photographer specializing in customized portrait photography and Fine art portraits.

I am a mother of 2 daughters, a sister to 6 siblings and a friend to anyone I meet. I take on all of these roles like my life depends on it because it does. Each of these roles has shaped me into the woman I am today! 

Photography & editing runs through my veins!  I always knew I would be an artist. I always surrounded myself with art in one way or another. My passion for displaying your personal story is what fuels me. From drawing all over the walls of my room, painting, playing guitar to taking photos, art was at the forefront and center of my world. My children pushed me into photography because I truly believe that moments are forgotten.  How many freckles there once were, the way your child's hair curls, all of these things will be just a  memory without a photo.

Facts about me...

  • I am a highly motivated person & like to achieve my goals

  • I am silly & love making people laugh. I was definitely the class clown

  • I don't leave the house without sweet tea

  • I have 2 daughters, Ruddie & Caly

  • I'm a night owl 

  • I love natural & artificial lighting

Here are a few of my favorite things...

  • My daughters!

  • TV Shows: Law and Order, True Crimes, Friends​

  • Movies: I have to admit I am a lover of Romantic Comedies 

  • Music: I surround myself with every type of music there is although Karaoke is my favorite!

  • Restaurants: I always joke that I am not American. I love Japanese and Chinese food exclusively! 


Although I love snapping photos just like we all do, photography is not only a hobby for me. It is my full-time job.  I have spent the last 10 years educating myself on all things photography and editing related. The ins and outs of business along with editing and the technical aspects of photography itself.  I take great pride in my work and every time I pick up my camera I use it as a learning step to further myself.  I'm so in love with my job and I am so thankful for you incorporating me with documenting your journey through life.  

Talk to you soon,



I didn't have many images of my great grandmother. Although I had one that I held close to my heart through out my childhood. Every time I picked up that worn out photo I felt as though I had been transported to a time when life was so simple. There she sat on an old white porch. The off white paint flaking off showing signs of aging, The pieces of wood lifting up on their edges like a sly smile. The nails were tired from the many years they worked holding them in place. my dirt ridden white shoes with tattered laces hung over the steps as I slouched.  There she sat rocking in a chair. Back and forth. I was unsure if the creaking noise was coming from the porch or her aching knees. She had kind eyes that hung low that went back and forth with her rock. Left and right her eyes swayed taking in every text from her bible. Her frail yet strong fingers curled around the edge of her most prized possession. That book didn't leave her embrace often. I believe she feared if her death came she wanted to be holding it. She looked up and *click. The image was forever a memory, One that I could hold in my hands. My Great Grandmother left me on this Earth when I was 6 years old. All I had left of her was photos. They say people take photos of things they are scared of loosing. Every image I capture I place myself in your family.

What you want to remember?

What is your story?

What emotions do you want to feel when looking at your photos?


In memory of my Great Grandmother Perry Lou Hester.

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