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Fall Truck Session Information

Please read the entirety of this page to better prepare for your session.

About the Session you booked!
4thAnnual Fall Truck Session!
The cool crisp air, pumpkin picking, hot cider beautiful leaves ....oh Fall is the perfect season for everyone! My absolute goal being your photographer is for your friends and family to be in awe, amazed at how beautiful your family looks, for you to look at your photos and feel you're heartbeat and see the beauty you have created in your life. For you to fall more in love with your significant other or hug your kids a little tighter. Let's create a moment together, one you won't forget.
Perfect quick session to get the images we need for an updated family, couples, or kids photos!
 Covid and social distancing as well as disinfecting between sessions, hand washing will be in place.
Your session includes 1 (15-minute session) 5 edited photos, a personal online gallery with rights to download and print wherever you choose. This year your gallery includes an online professional print lab for one-stop shopping with ease!
Additional photos and a USB are available for purchase.
Price includes NC state tax
Additional photos available for purchase upon request
*Time and session dates are subject to change at the photographer's discretion due to weather, lighting, sickness, and daylight savings time. Any changes will be made in advance with proper notice. Due to the nature of this session refunds are not granted.

Thank you for allowing me to spend time with you and yours! Allowing me to photograph the most personal moments of your life. Understand, I do not take this opportunity lightly. It is my utmost pleasure that you have chosen me. If you have any questions or reminders about when your session is please email me!


For those of you who are new to Amber Bolejack Photography...HEY!!!! I want to describe my personality before we meet. I know how unsettling meeting someone new for the first time can be especially when they are waving a camera in your face wanting you to be natural. So here is a little about me and how I work.

About Me...

Hey! I am Amber Mae Bolejack Some call me Ambie (it stuck from childhood) 

  • I have 2 beautiful daughters! Ruddie(12) & Caly(10)  

  • I have the most amazing clients (pat yourself on the back) 😊 

  • I never go anywhere without tea. 

  •  I am truly a country girl to the core and yes I have a country accent that I will try to hide! 

  • I am a tom girl!  

  • I play guitar and sing although I could never get on stage! 🎸 

  • I have anxiety and depression although I fight daily (if you struggle with this I will always be here to listen) 

  • I love photography (that's a no-brainer)📷 

  • I am outrageously silly and will go to the end of the world to make you laugh 

  • I have been doing this photography thing for 12 years!



Although its not required! I would love to receive an email with some personal information you would like me to know! It would bring such delight to have a conversation with your children, you, and your significant other on things that bring them joy. Include a photo and a little about you and whom you’re bringing. I promise to read and make notes for your session!

More about your session...

Want some inspiration on what to wear? Check out last years fall Truck sessions!

All final payments must be paid in full 1 week days prior to your session unless we have communicated differently. If you do not reach out to me your session will be offered to another client for the remainder of your balance. I have never done this...Just please communicate with me. 

Where to go (location of session)?
6040 GreenHaven Drive, Winston Salem Nc 27103

  1. You should arrive 15 minutes ahead of time.

  2.  Please park on the side of the yard so we do not block anyone in. No wants wants to have to move cars in the middle of their session lol. So just pull up as far as you can alongside of the road and yard.

  3.  The Fall Truck Mini Sessions are taking place at my house. It was much more convenient and the shade in the back allows for perfect lighting throughout the day. 

  4. Once you park feel free to walk through the yard to the left of the house.  

For those of you who are like me here is a visual of my house and where to park and walk. Please do not walk around the right side of the house as there tends to be water draining there.


I can't stress this enough!! These sessions are booked back to back. Please leave with traffic and other issue that may arise in mind. If you have a baby that may need feeding or changing once arriving please allow time for that. If you are going to be late please call me we may have to set up another session time. Please don't drive through the yard to the back yard please.
How will my session go??
I love to play games. I may ask you questions, Ask you to sing your favorite song ect. Please allow this moment to be natural. I don't care if you cant sing. This is to allow for natural smiles and moments with your significant other and or family so play along. Please come with good attitudes and leave all arguments and mad/sad faces at home unless you're 2 hahaha!
I will have a fan set up if the weather seems to be hot. I will also play music so if you have a song request or genre please just yell at the D.J. Either me or my assistant Dennis will be more than happy to play anything your heart desires! Yes even rap & country!! I love and appreciate all music and I truly believe it sets the tone to your photos so don't be afraid to speak up! 
Trust me when I say this is one question I get a LOT! Some people it comes naturally and others it can take them weeks or months even. Here is a photo of all the colors that would work beautifully! Stray away from whites and harsh patterns! Instead of white go with cream. Stay away from primary colors (I call them marker colors). Instead of blue go with royal blue, or pale blue, instead of red go with wine or burgundy, instead of yellow go with mustard yellow! 
WARNING! Really bright colors will leave a color casting on your skin.  So really bright teals, bright yellows, lime greens (Think Easter bright colors) we don't want that. It will throw off the entire look off. Although it is fixable in editing it takes me way longer to edit. 
Here is a before and after to show how colors affect your look!

Also I have designed the set to go with any colors although these are Fall images so yo want to stick with Fall colors!

thumbnail (1).jpg
thumbnail (6).jpg
thumbnail (2).jpg
thumbnail (5).jpg
thumbnail (3).jpg

If you have any questions regarding your session please feel free to email or call. I can't wait to see you!

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