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I believe in community 

I truly believe in the saying "it takes a village"!

After 10 years in the photography industry, I have had a while to associate myself with some of the best local businesses in North Carolina.

Although I feel like I could be missing out on that small business I may have never heard of.

This is where your help is needed! 

I am currently searching for a few local businesses to partner up with to create my village! My go-to for certain things that clients need that will not only make my job easier but also create a village of recommendations of real clients and amazing relationships. I have a few businesses that I am in search of and will be updating this list as needed. I would also like to leave a submission form for anyone who may want to recommend a local business that you trust. My current affiliates that I have partnered with are listed below and some need to be added in as well. I can't wait to grow my list of villagers! Thank you for creating my village with me to better help our community and small businesses! 

Looking for SMALL LOCAL with instore shopping: {i am not wanting chain businesses at this time}

Cake/baker for smash cakes/cupcakes

Local NC farms

children's boutique shop

bridal shop



any I may have missed? 

Please use the submission form below to enter your business or your favorite local business!

I need your small business!

Is this your business?

Thank you so much!

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