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HOW TO PREPARE FOR NEWBORN PHOTO SESSION,  FOR PARENTS {this page is being updated so may be missing links & other info}

Congratulations on the addition to your family! This moment deserves to be captured in a beautiful & creative way. I am here to help prepare you for YOUR NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION.


Why is a session for your newborn so important?

Their little toes and fingers only stay so little for so long. Your baby will change so much within the first month. Newborn sessions are a way of not only introducing your new family member to the world but also to your family! Documenting this tender time where you are all getting to know each other is vital. Moms have a lot going on and usually we are the ones behind the camera making sure we get all of the memories documented. Take this time and gift that to yourself. Being able to be present while I take over and you are able to be photographed in a relaxed environment is so important. 


All you have to bring is yourself! 

As I started my journey into newborn photography I told myself I wanted my clients to experience a relaxed and fun filled session. So I decided to invest in newborn props, clothing and even a client closet for mothers so when you arrive to your session you don't have to worry about multiple things. Handling a new baby is plenty. It is extremely important for me to make mom feel & look amazing. Your body has gone through so much and its my personal job to make you see what amazing beauty you hold.  You may look through the client closet HERE.  I offer a free checklist for how to prepare as well as things that you may want to bring to make your session go as smoothly as possible. These are things you would normally carry with you when you will be gone from the house for a few hours. 

When Should You Schedule Your Newborns Session?

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