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ABP Senior Rep


Have you heard of the ABP Senior Rep Program? It's a really cool opportunity for outgoing and involved seniors who love being in front of the camera.

As a Senior Rep, you'll get two free photoshoots with Amber Bolejack Photography digital images to share with your friends and family and merch!. Plus, if you refer your friends to my services, you can earn rewards discounts on prints and albums as well as CASH!

My main goal as your photographer is to capture your unique personality and create images that tell your story. Whether you're into sports, music, or fashion, I'll work with you to create a personalized photoshoot that reflects who you are.

I believe that every senior deserves a photoshoot that celebrates their individuality and captures this exciting time in their life. If you're interested in becoming a Senior Rep, just click the "APPLY NOW" button below!
Amber Bolejack



Even if you're not super comfortable in front of the camera, don't worry! As long as you're willing to put yourself out there and make friends, Amber can help you feel more confident during the photoshoots.

This year, you also have the option to submit an additional video application, which is highly recommended if you want to stand out from other applicants. We really want to get to know each applicant as much as possible, so take your time and answer each question thoroughly.

One of our main priorities this year is to form a team with an even number of girls from each school. So, if you know there aren't many people at your school who know about the program, we suggest asking your friends to apply with you. This will actually help your chances of making the team, and it will help if we have at least 4 applicants from each school.

Keep in mind that there's no location requirement to become a rep, but most of the group photoshoots will take place in Forsyth County So, if you live outside of these areas, keep that in mind when considering whether or not to apply.

Lastly, please make sure to fill out the application yourself and don't let your parent apply for you. We really want to get to know YOU and hear YOUR answers to the questions.



-1-2 Free Shoots
-Online Galleries for all of your shoots
-An opportunity to make money for every senior you refer to ABP
-First choice of dates for your individual senior shoots
-An opportunity to make new friends and memories
-15% off all print products through your gallery

-50% off your senior sessions



As a rep, you will book the Deluxe Senior Package for your individual senior photos.


The Deluxe Senior Package

1 Fall & 1 Spring Shoot
1.5 hrs Each
20 Images Each
3-4 Outfits Each


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